Cat Collars: Pros and Cons Explored

This cat is wearing a breakaway cat collar - these cat collars are the safest for cats.

Cat collars haven’t always been as popular as dog collars and there are several reasons why. A big one is that cats like climbing up to high perches and squeezing through nooks and crannies. This makes collars a potential choking hazard if they snag on something. Like a branch or a kitchen hook for example. … Read more

The HUHA Story: Helping You Help Animals

HUHA stands for Helping You Help Animals and is New Zealand’s leading animal shelter.

Before telling the HUHA story we need to tell you what it stands for. It’s an acronym for ‘Helping You Help Animals’ and the organisation is New Zealand’s leading no-kill animal shelter. No-kill means HUHA strives for the best possible outcome for every animal it takes in while ensuring the safety and a quality of … Read more

Cat Body Language Decoded

black and white cat showing confident body language

Cat body language can be hard to understand. Especially as some cats have a tendency to be a little aloof to their attendants…. err, sorry, to their owners. Sometimes, us humans can make the mistake of interpreting cat body language the same way we interpret dogs’ body language. So while a wagging tail is often … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Dog Skin Conditions

dog with a skin condition itching and scratching on grass

If you’ve ever had an itch that you just can’t scratch, you’ll know how a pup with one of the many dog skin conditions can feel. They can affect your dog’s mental and physical health. Dog skin conditions can be painful and itchy, or cause flaky, oozy, or dry skin. And they’re also, well… annoying. … Read more

How Sustainable Is Dog Food?

some dog food is more sustainable than others

Over the years, we’ve become more aware of practices which harm our environment. Single-use plastics, global warming, fossil fuels, and the like are receiving increasing media attention, and public awareness of sustainability is growing. With this in mind, we wanted to look at the concept of sustainable dog food, whether it exists and how to … Read more

Beagle Profile: Everything You Need To Know

close up shot of Beagle face

It’s Beagle Day! These fun-loving, friendly hounds are popular family dogs thanks to their good temperaments and pretty faces. And because April is also Active Dog Month, we thought it made even more sense to feature Beagles today. They famously need a lot of exercise and are prone to weight gain. If you’re considering a … Read more

How to Find a Trusted Puppy School in New Zealand

This pup goes to puppy school to learn obedience and how to read the body language of other dogs in a controlled environment. .

Puppy school is so much more than dog obedience training. It’s also a way for your dog to recognise and understand other dog’s body language and social behaviour. Then there’s no misunderstanding down the line. Plus, it’s an outlet for your pup’s boundless energy reserves, helping them be better friends to us. So, of all … Read more

Active Dog Month! All About Dog Exercise

Let's celebrate Active Dog Month with the top dog exercise tips available!

It’s Active Dog Month, which means it’s time to celebrate by getting energetic with your pooch! And with good reason – did you know more than 30% of dogs in New Zealand are overweight? Obesity can cause diabetes in dogs (among other health issues), whereas dogs that are active are less at risk. Is your … Read more

Puppy and Cat Introduction: How to Get it Right

This puppy and cat introduction has been a great success.

Your puppy and cat introduction is something you want to get right from the start. Laying down the right foundations can mean the difference between best friends forever or bites, scratches, sibling rivalry and lifelong family feuds. We’re all for besties furever, so we’ve put together these tips to get you started. Puppy and cat … Read more

Dogs and Kids: Respecting Each Other’s Boundaries

golden retriever dog and kids sitting together on floor

If you’re wanting to introduce human children to your canine children, or vice versa, your first thought will be whether the dogs and kids will get along. There’s been an increase in reports over the last year of dog attacks, and it’s a situation that no parent ever wants to experience. Unfortunately, dog attacks often … Read more

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