Why Pet Insurance is Good for Vets

an insured pet waits with its owners in the vet waiting room

Caution: trigger warning. Please note this article that outlines why pet insurance is recommended by vets discusses details of suicide and reader discretion is required. Pet insurance is important to the vet industry for several reasons. The primary one is of course that it allows pets to maintain their optimum health and live the quality of … Read more

Found or Lost a Pet in a Fire or Flood? Here’s What to Do

this dog is a lost pet in fire and flood

Sadly, it isn’t only humans who are badly affected by natural disaster like floods and fires. Animals, both domesticated and wild, often bear the brunt of nature as well. When disaster strikes, we all want to do everything we can to help. Animal shelters often get an influx of queries about what to do if … Read more

Do You Know This About Dalmatian Dogs?

A Dalmatian dog has an endless supply of energy, even if they’re older than this Dalmation puppy pictured.

Do you feel nostalgic when you remember the childhood classic 101 Dalmatians? Curious about the Dalmatian dog being a frequent firehouse guest? Wanting one of these sleek, adorable canines as a constant companion? This guide will help you and your family get to know more about the breed, including answering the age-old question of whether … Read more

Gingivitis in Cats and Dogs

close up of cat teeth and gums showing red section and gingivitis

It isn’t just humans who struggle with their teeth and gums. Gingivitis in cats and dogs is actually quite common, just like it can be in their human counterparts. Luckily, gingivitis in animals can be treated pretty easily, especially if you catch it early. Read on for the lowdown on gum disease, dental health, how … Read more

Heat Stroke in Pets: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Labrador rests in the shade to avoid heat stroke on the beach.

Heat stroke might sound more like something pet owners over the pond in Top End Australia need to worry about. But Kiwi dogs and cats can also suffer heat stroke on hot summer days. And sometimes on quite mild days too. With temperatures up, here are the warning signs of heat stroke in pets and … Read more

Poisonous Plants to Keep Away from Pets

Poisonous plants for dogs should be kept out of this pup's reach.

Many poisonous plants for dogs and cats are typical indoor (and outdoor) household plants. So, although we’re raised to eat our greens, fur kids shouldn’t always do the same. At least not the ones in pots anyway. Before you buy a dog or cat, find out what types of plants you can safely keep at … Read more

The Dos and Don’ts of Boating with Your Dog

There’s nothing like exploring New Zealand’s beautiful lakes, rivers and coasts. Even better when you can take your pup along! But do you know all the boat dog safety rules? How about which areas you can and can’t take Fido? There are several dos and don’ts when it comes to boating with your pup, so … Read more

PD at Pet Events: Christchurch Pet Expo and Dogs Day Out

Our lovely PD team at the Christchurch Pet Expo

PD recently enjoyed attending and showcasing our products and partnerships at the December Dog Day Out in Auckland and Christchurch Pet Expo as well as the November Healthy Pets New Zealand Dogs Day Out in Invercargill before that. These pet events are an incredible way to strengthen the message of responsible pet ownership and meet … Read more