Hairless Wonders: 5 Hairless Dog Breeds to Know

A small Chinese Crested dog standing in the grass.

Hairless dog breeds are certainly unique…. Some people love them and some recoil in disgust. Where’s the fur?! Pet parents choose them for a multitude of reasons, such as their one-of-a-kind appearance, hypoallergenic benefits, minimal grooming needs, or simply the novelty of owning a dog that’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom. You may have … Read more

8 Reasons to Celebrate World Vet Day 2024

On World Vet Day, a female veterinarian in NZ is carefully examining a dog's head.

World Vet Day is all about celebrating the essential health work vets do. Vets in NZ play a crucial role in the human-animal bond by ensuring our companion animals (and farm animals) stay healthy. As we all know, vets also play an enormous role in human health too. For example, by ensuring the meat products … Read more

Are Kennels Bad for Dogs?

A dog joyfully playing with a ball in a kennel.

There may be a point in your pet parenting journey where you’ll need to consider putting your pup in a dog kennel. Maybe when you’re going away on holiday or a business trip. For many pet parents, this conjures up images of dog cages and overcrowded conditions. Luckily, not all kennels are the same and … Read more

5 Rare Dog Breeds We Bet You Never Knew About

A rare black dog called a Xoloitzcuintli is standing in a field.

If you’re a dog lover with a penchant for the extraordinary, you’re in for a treat. In this paw-some corner of the internet, we’re going to explore our unique and lesser-known canine companions by looking at rare dog breeds you’re likely completely unaware of. From the fascinating Norwegian Lundehund to the Mexican hairless Xoloitzcuintli – … Read more

Hit That Like: 5 Furry Pet Influencers to Follow in 2024

A person capturing an adorable photo of a dog donning a stylish bandana, appealing to followers who are fans of furry pet influencers.

Looking to add some extra joy and a daily dose of cuteness to your scroll time? From posts bursting with personality to awe-inspiring adventures, we’ve got the ‘purrfect’ list for you. In this article, we’ll introduce you to five cat and dog influencer accounts we think you should follow on social media. We’ve got homegrown … Read more

Why Are Vet Costs So High?

Close-up of a veterinarian assisting a cat - a representation of the high vet costs and expensive vet bills in New Zealand.

Ever been hit by an expensive vet bill that made your toes curl? Of late, vet costs in NZ feel sky high for those crucial unexpected incidences, and even sometimes for the not so unexpected. From routine check-ups to unanticipated emergencies, the cost of pet medical care can sometimes feel like a steep mountain to … Read more

Is Adventure Dog Walking in New Zealand the Next Big Thing?

A pack of dogs enjoying socialization on a dirt path.

Adventure dog walking is an incredible way to cater to a dog’s inner explorer and to dog socialisation needs. It’s an updated version of dog walking where dogs can learn, explore and play in a dog pack under the supervision of a senior dog handler. Today PD Insurance talks to CityPets Canine Adventures to find … Read more

7 Incredible Facts about Polydactyl Cats

a polydactyl cat with extra toes splays his paws to showcase this incredible genetic trait

Are polydactyl cats rare? Before we answer, there are a few other important questions to address. Like, what is a polydactyl cat anyways. Well, we share many marvellous traits with our cats… and when it comes to polydactyl cats with extra toes, that includes a thumb (or two, or three)! Yep, we’re talking cats with … Read more

Sniffles and Scratches: We Asked a Vet About Seasonal Dog Allergies

A dog is sitting in the grass looking up at the sun while experiencing seasonal dog allergies.

Does your pup seem to get super itchy at certain times of the year? They may have seasonal dog allergies. This is when they react to something that’s more prevalent during certain times of year. Your dog may have an allergic reaction to pollen, for instance. Or the hot sun (yes, really). Having an allergy … Read more

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