10 Father’s Day Gifts for Pet Lovers – Got a Fave?

Fathers Day celebration in NZ with Fathers Day gifts for pet lovers

Father’s Day in NZ is the perfect time to gift wrap some new gadgets for dads and grandads. Of course this daddy-o day isn’t limited to people parents – pet parents count too! That’s one big reason why we think gifts for pet lovers are the ultimate Father’s Day present. Whether yours is a human … Read more

Does Stress Cause a UTI in Cats: Yes or No?

cat recovers from urinary tract disorder with vet treatment

Help, my cat has a bladder infection! If this is you, you’re probably one of the many pet parents googling ‘does stress cause UTI in cats‘ and/or ‘are there any cat urinary tract infection home remedies?’ You’ve come to the right place. Firstly, when it comes to UTI in cats, stress can play a role. … Read more

How to Lead the Way on International Dog Day and Beyond

The beach and surrounding areas are wonderful spots for dogs and their humans to get some fresh air-fuelled exercise. But did you know dogs can endanger Auckland’s sensitive coastal wildlife while doing so? That’s why we’ve partnered with the Department of Conservation (DOC) to launch the Lead the Way Auckland programme for International Dog Day. … Read more

Will My Dog be Jealous of a New Puppy? Yes or No?

introducing new puppy to dog

Introducing a new puppy to your older dog comes with lots of moving parts. Not only do we mean eight legs and two wagging tails (hopefully!) by that, but also the familiarisation process involving all the personalities. Your big dog could very well be jealous of your cute puppy, for example. We’re here to help … Read more

The Exotic Shorthair: Cuddly and Family-Friendly

With its distinctive flat face and lush fur, it’s no wonder the Exotic Shorthair is one of the world’s most popular felines. How can you go past that unusually squishy, fluffy cat face? If you think the Exotic Shorthair looks just like a Persian, you’re half-right. It’s the result of interbreeding the Persian with the … Read more

4 Best Breeds for Assistance and Guide Dogs

a young Labrador training to be an NZ guide dog

Every day in NZ, guide dogs and assistance dogs help humans live better lives. They fearlessly and generously devote themselves to being our ears, eyes, hands and more and ask for nothing in return. Some breeds are exceptionally skilled at being guide dogs and assistance dogs. Over time we’ve come to know and love them … Read more

Why You Should Register Your Dog and Cat

white companion dog leaping in the air over grass outside

Why should you register your dog and your cat? It’s easy to think this is only for the fancy purebreds, but in New Zealand pet registration is a legal requirement – for dogs, at least. This means if you own a dog as a companion animal, it must be registered with your council. Although not … Read more

5 Pet Essentials to Get Before Your Furkid Arrives

New puppy

New pets are a lot like new babies. Getting your pet essentials before they arrive isn’t just a good idea, it’s an ab-so-lute must! This is why we’ve rounded up this list of basics to make their homecoming as easy as possible. In three, two, one…here are the top five pet essential recommendations… #1. Water … Read more

International Cat Day: 10 Reasons Cats Make Great Pets!

Cat dad celebrates International Cat Day with her kitty

Cats are the #1 pet in New Zealand – 41% of all Kiwi households are home to at least one cat! This is probably why there’s one special day on the cat calendar devoted to all the cat ladies and gents out there. International Cat Day is all about celebrating the cat human bond with … Read more

Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Lovers, Not Fighters

staffordshire bull terrier dog in full run across the grass

Despite a tough outer appearance, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a lover, not a fighter. With their fun-loving and gentle natures, a Staffy dog will be your best and most loyal friend. In spite of that though, they’re still trying to overcome stereotypes and misconception about their breed. If you own one, you’re likely to … Read more

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