What is Cherry Eye in Dogs?

What’s commonly referred to as cherry eye in dogs is what you see when a poor pooch has a red, swollen gland in their eye. Boxers, French Bulldogs and the other brachycephalic breeds are most commonly affected with cherry eye and, though it looks excruciating, it’s more uncomfortable and itchy for your dog than painful. … Read more

Jovial Jack Russell Terriers: History, Health, Personality, More

brown and white jack russell terrier dog on sand with big stick in his mouth looking at camera

The Jack Russell Terrier (or JRT, or just Jack Russell) is one of New Zealand’s most popular dogs. Owners might occasionally… on a bad day… be caught calling them “Jerk Russell Tornados” but the reality is almost everybody loves a Jackie almost all the time. Though they’re not quite Labrador level popular, they still make … Read more

Can I Shave My Dog… Yay or Nay?

pet owner gives their dog a shave

Do you have a shaggy dog whose fur is always catching the light as it floats around the house? If you answered yes, you may be tempted to ask ‘can I shave my dog?’ But wait, before you embark on a doggy make-over there are some considerations. Firstly, if your pup is a double-coated dog … Read more

What You Need to Know About Dog Agility in NZ

border collie dog doing agility weaving poles on grass outside

Got a Kiwi dog who’s bouncing off the walls, just desperate to put that energy to good use? The practice of dog agility in NZ is growing fast, with over 1,000 competitors within the country. It’s suitable for both old and young (the people we mean, not the dog) as well as varying levels of fitness … Read more

Ragdoll Cats: Cuddle Monsters of the Feline World

young woman sitting on couch holding ragdoll cat in her lap

The term ragdoll might have some negative connotations. But when it comes to the Ragdoll cat, it’s all about fluffy and cute, not scruffy and limp. These cats are named because of their tendency to go limp and relaxed (like a rag doll) when picked up. Cute, right? As far as purebred cats go, Ragdolls … Read more

My Dog Has a Luxating Patella: What Is It and How Can I Help?

luxating patella is affecting this dog by causing leg stiffness

Have you ever heard of a luxating patella in a dog? It may sound like some sort of hover-craft out of a sci-fi movie, but the truth is patella luxation is a serious condition that affects many a dog. In fact it’s one of the more common causes of dog lameness. It’s basically a loose … Read more

Did You Know Some Belgian Malinois Dogs Can Skydive!?

Belgian Malinois is also known as a Belgian Shepherd

Dog lovers who also happen to be fans of Channing Tatum are in luck. In Tatum’s recent film ‘Dog‘ you get the best of both because a Belgian Malinois is his co-star. But just so we’re not confused, this article is all about the Belgian Malinois breed. And not Channing Tatum. Tempting as that is… … Read more

How to Build a Dog Kennel out of Wood (Woof!)🐶

dad shows son how to build a dog kennel out of wood

Every dog deserves a den to keep them cosy from the elements in winter. And of course, most of us family-minded humans love a good ol’ DIY project. Learning how to build a dog kennel out of wood is one activity that ticks both these boxes in one go. A store bought wooden kennel can … Read more

Rebel the Staffordshire Bull Terrier X Gets Allergies

Rebel with his award from dog school

Rebel the Kiwi Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross has a good life. But recently his traumatic past has started to affect everyday living in the form of dog allergies. When Rebel was a pup, he and his brothers and sisters were abandoned in a cardboard box. No one can say with certainty how long the little … Read more

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