Chinese New Year 2022 … With Your Pet!

chinese new year 2022

Are you celebrating Chinese New Year 2022 with all the colour, movement, food and culture that it entails? Is it a steadfast tradition in your family or circle, or have you never heard of it? Whether you intimately know the tradition or it’s something that’s just jumped onto your radar, Chinese New Year is a … Read more

Easy Pets for People with Limited Mobility

Having limited mobility doesn’t mean you can’t have a pet to keep you company and snuggle up with. As a matter of fact, bringing a furry friend into your life comes with far more benefits than drawbacks, as long as you find the right one. Research shows there are plenty of physical benefits of owning … Read more

Top Tips for Puppy Sleep Training

A happy pug has begun puppy sleep training

Are you awake all hours of the night with your new baby? We’re speaking of course about your adorable new puppy. Puppy sleep training may help your little one and of course you get some much needed shut-eye. The benefits of a well-trained pup go far beyond a happy sleeping schedule, too. Once your puppy … Read more

Cavort with the Cavoodle – Breed Profile and Traits


Ever heard of the Cavoodle? Well, considering there were almost 10,000 Google searches for the word ‘Cavoodle’ in New Zealand this month alone, you may very well have. With its button nose and tight curls it’s not hard to see why people want to know more. Cavoodle prices have skyrocketed in recent years, now going … Read more

Are Mixed-Breed Dogs Healthier Than Purebred Dogs?

Considering buying a doggo? You may be asking: “Are mixed breed dogs healthier than purebred dogs?” Sure, Yorkshire Terriers are adorable, but are you going to spend a fortune in vet bills for their sensitive tummies? And Alsatians are gorgeous too, but what about the potential for hip issues in these dogs? Could opting for … Read more

Is a Pet Cooling Mat Worth the Investment?

A happy dog with curly fur lying on a blue dog cooling mat against a white brick wall background.

Ever heard of a pet cooling mat? Basically, it’s a mat filled with water or cooling gel that your dog or cat can lay on to regulate their body temperature. Cooling mats aren’t just for hot areas – they can be used in cool indoor spots too, for more effective cooling down after your pet … Read more

Dog Ear Cropping and Tail Docking – Yes or No?

tail docking and ear cropping

Many of us would hope the practice of dog ear cropping and tail docking is a thing of the past. Especially in NZ, where ear cropping and tail cropping of dogs doesn’t seem that it would be too common or popular. After all, it’s a procedure done purely for aesthetic reasons that causes issues for … Read more

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Dog Breeds

Designer bags, clothes and shoes come with a hefty price tag – and so do designer dogs. Increasingly so! The popularity of these hybrid dog breeds is going from strength to strength. And on top of this (thanks in large part to COVID) the heavy demand for such designer pups outweighs the supply. The current … Read more

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