Halloween Pet Fun and Safety

Halloween and pet fun can include tasty treats

Halloween pet fun is all about tail-oring celebrations for your furkid. Trick-or-treats can for instance, include teaching your dog a new trick (like playing dead since Halloween is all about that kind of thing) and making spooky pumpkin-based treats for your cat. In this Halloween pet guide we’ll show you how to have fun with … Read more

Google 3D Animals Makes Choosing a Pet Easier

view of Pomeranian on Google 3D animals

Have you heard about Google 3D animals? It’s augmented reality (AR) that you can experience anywhere – even the comfort of your own home. You don’t need special 3D or AR goggles either. All you need is your smartphone. Imagine choosing your pet using Google 3D animals… You won’t have to imagine if a Labrador … Read more

How To Stop Your Dog Pulling on The Lead

pet owner wonders 'how to stop your dog pulling on the lead?'

Ever desperately wondered how to stop your dog pulling on the lead? Perhaps after happily leaving the house for a gentle stroll, only to have your arm dislocated? We realise it’s not always that bad. At worst, many of us just look silly to bystanders as our perky pup pulls us who-knows-where. Kind of like … Read more

Protecting Pets if You Catch COVID-19

preventing coronavirus in dogs and cats is important

These days it’s impossible to sneeze or get a sore throat without thinking of COVID-19. If you’re a parent you think about your kids getting it, and as a pet parent you wonder if your furkids are at risk. Does coronavirus in dogs and cats pose a threat and can animals get coronavirus? The simple … Read more

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

hip dysplasia in dogs can affect these young pups without being symptomatic puppies li

Hip dysplasia in dogs is a common concern for our canine friends. Especially bigger breeds like the German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and Labrador, to name a few. It’s a joint disorder that occurs when the hip joint doesn’t develop properly. Like many other hereditary conditions, this condition tends to be more prevalent in purebred dogs, … Read more

Cats and Babies: The Health Risks

cats and babies can be great friends

Cats and babies can be best of friends with a helping hand from mum and dad. Friendship, whether between humans or animals and humans, is a privilege that comes with a modicum of responsibility. Namely taking care of everyone’s health while nurturing good relations – as the adult, that falls on you. In this article … Read more

Is PD Insurance Good for Pet Insurance?

This pup knows PD insurance is good for pet insurance

Is PD Insurance good for pet insurance? Yes! Our insurance is affordable, online, easy to use and claims are turned around lightning quick. The local team are passion pet people and they know insurance back to front, which means they’re as empathetic as they are professional. With Simplicity and Soft Landings at the heart of … Read more