Fat or Obese Dog? Why and How to Shed the Chunk

too much fat on your dog is a health risk

The internet is awash with fat dog images because let’s face it, a chubby baby face gets more likes. But are those added kilos putting your dog’s health at risk? And will those likes protect your overweight dog from unwanted trips to the vet? According to research, over a quarter of Kiwi canines are overweight … Read more

Hereditary and Congenital Conditions in Dogs: What’s the Difference?

puppy plays after having a hereditary and congenital conditions health screening for dogs

Hereditary and congenital conditions in dogs are just about as common as they are in humans. Interestingly and perhaps not surprisingly, certain breeds can be more prone to specific hereditary and/or congenital conditions. Knowing which of these conditions is more likely to affect your pooch can help you plan their roadmap to prolonged health. You’ll … Read more

Why You Should Always Ask Before Petting Someone’s Dog

person approaches to pet a dog but shouldn't because the dog is nervous

If Shakespeare was alive today he’d probably be an avid internet user (and therefore lover of dog memes). No doubt he’d have written something along the lines of “to pet a dog or not to, that is the question?” And that’s a valuable question to be asking. Because seriously, you should ALWAYS ask before you … Read more

Cat Toilet Training on the Loo – Goodbye Poop Scoop. Yes, No, Maybe?

cat uses the toilet

We share our homes and our hearts with our cats. And as it happens some pet parents have started taking the leap and are sharing their toilets too. That’s right, training your cat to use the toilet is totally a real thing. In case you’re unclear (which is perfectly normal), we’re referring to teaching meowser … Read more

What is a Pet Behaviourist? We Ask an Expert

pet behaviourist helps adopted dogs unlearn previous behaviours

If your pet is your child (or best friend), you’ll know what it means to visit the vet. But what about taking them to a cat or dog behaviourist? Just a quick Google search reveals a host of pet behaviourists in Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand. But when and why do you call on … Read more