Keeping Your Pet Safe During Fireworks

white dog hiding under cover from fireworks

With lots of celebrations organised for Christmas, and New Year not long off, fireworks season for pets and humans is upon us. Fireworks in New Zealand tend to happen over big holidays like these as well as during events like Guy Fawkes, Chinese New Year and Diwali. And while we love the look of the … Read more

How to be a Responsible Dog Parent this December

Both this man and woman walking a dog on a beach can say they are a responsible pet parent

Summer is on our doorstep and if you’re anything like us you’re just jumping for joy at the idea of taking your dog on holiday with you. Outdoors and pups go together like peanut butter and jelly, and travelling with pets has become more popular than ever before. But do you know what responsible dog … Read more

Can Dogs Get Sunburn? Answers and Solutions

yes dogs can get sunburn - and badly - keep them out the noonday su this is responsible dog ownership when taking dog on holiday

Can dogs get sunburn? Given all that luxurious fur, you’d think surely not?! But in truth, neither dogs with short nor long fur can outsmart the sun (and dog nose sunburn is just the worst – just look at the pic below!). It shines down on us all and feels good in little amounts giving … Read more

A Puppy is Not Just for Christmas, It’s Furever

A puppy is not just for Christmas, it's for life

🎄 A puppy is not just for Christmas, it’s for life. 🎄 This headline may sound like a poetic slogan and not one anyone wants to hear during the festive season but… Take a moment to think of all those pawsome pets sitting behind bars in shelters while we’re eating roast turkey with all the … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Beyond Meat?

If you’re following a vegetarian or vegan diet, you’ll no doubt have heard of or even incorporated “meatless-meat” like Beyond Meat into your meals. While tucking into a meaty-tasting veg patty, you may’ve seen your pup look at you with pleading eyes and wondered: “can dogs eat Beyond Meat?” And beyond that, “is a plant … Read more

How to Find a Good Pet Sitter for the Holidays

This woman with a Christmas jumper on patting a fluffy white cat is reading about how to find a good pet sitter

With Christmas holidays only one month away and your fur baby unable to join the family vacay, making sure they’re well looked after will help you relax. If your fur child loves the comfort of his home and routine then a pet sitter may be the perfect holiday pet care option. Read on for expert … Read more

How to Avoid Puppy Scams this Breeding Season

If you’re looking to buy an adorable puppy, like this cute black and white puppy looking directly at the camera, avoid puppy scams.

“Puppies for sale”. Those three words can be hard to resist for someone looking to add some big puppy dog eyes to their family. But with online puppy scams on the rise, undertaking thorough background research is vital. Once you’ve done your due diligence – starting here! – you can hopefully buy a puppy with … Read more

Dog Poisoning 101: Symptoms and Signs

brown dog lying down on table in vet on drip - IV fluids can help to treat poisoning

Hopefully, dog poisoning symptoms and treatment are something you never have to deal with. But given the average household has plenty of items that are toxic to dogs – like cleaning supplies, plants, and food – it can happen too easily. Ditto for when you’re out, like with toxic sea creatures, algae or tree berries. … Read more

Purebred vs Pedigree Dogs and Cats: What’s the Diff?

Dog and cat lying together on grass

Purebred vs pedigree – surely when it comes to dogs and cats, it’s the same thing? The terms are used interchangeably quite often, but animal lovers (and English teachers) will know they don’t actually mean quite the same thing. So next time you talk about your pedigree cat or purebred dog, here’s how to make … Read more

Your How-To Guide for Comparing Pet Insurance Plans

Elderly border collie dog in spectacles wants to compare pet insurance with a pet insurance comparison

So, you want to compare pet insurance? Good move. Undertaking solid research before you decide is the best way to do a pet insurance comparison in NZ, to land the right cover for your budget and your furball’s needs. What you’ll soon learn is that comparing pet insurance is not just about comparing price. Your … Read more