Dog Alone At Home? Tips To Make It Easier for Them

Most of us don’t like leaving our dog alone at home because it goes against what we know to be true – dogs love company. Dogs aren’t exactly suited to be alone. They’re social creatures who thrive on bonding time. Whether it’s human or animal affection, they need companionship. Even if they still have your … Read more

How to Adopt the Perfect Pup for National Puppy Day!

woman celebrates her puppy on national puppy day

National Puppy Day is this Wednesday 23 March. Technically it’s inter-national puppy day. But just so long as we’re celebrating tiny fluffy cute puppies, it kind-sorta doesn’t matter what we call it, right!? Puppy day (for short) is a time to enjoy, play with, talk about and – maybe even – adopt a puppy. Especially … Read more

Brachycephalic Breeds: Health Conditions in Flat Faced Dogs

french bulldog puppy is on the list of brachycephalic breeds

Is your adorable dog – or potential dog – on the list of brachycephalic breeds? If so, you’ve probably heard about brachycephalic airway syndrome. It’s common for ‘flat-faced’ dog and cat breeds to experience this condition. It makes it hard for them to breathe and that leads to all sorts of knock-on effects. Like for … Read more

Should I Get a Pet if I Work Full Time: Yay or Nay?

woman wonders 'should I get a cat if I work full time?'

Pets are a lot like people. You get those cats and dogs that want as much exclusive one-on-one time as possible, while others are a bit more aloof. And of course some breeds are super sporty (Border Collie dog) whereas others are more chill (Maltese dog). Basically, if you’re asking yourself should I get a … Read more

Can Dogs Eat … ?

can dogs eat all the same foods humans do?

It’s one of the top internet searches in Australasia: ‘Can dogs eat… *this, that, or the other*’. In New Zealand alone Kiwis punch this question into our phones and computers nearly 50,000 times a month. (In Australia mind you, folks type search for it more than half a million times a month! ) That’s a … Read more