Dog Alone At Home? Tips To Make It Easier for Them

Most of us don’t like leaving our dog alone at home because it goes against what we know to be true – dogs love company. Dogs aren’t exactly suited to be alone. They’re social creatures who thrive on bonding time. Whether it’s human or animal affection, they need companionship. Even if they still have your … Read more

Russian Blue: The Global Citizen Cat

Russian Blue cats are close to the people they love

The Russian Blue cat is pretty unique. Most cat breeds are bred intentionally, but this feline developed naturally (at least at fur-st). You could say the Russian Blue cat is a self-made breed… As breeds go, this fabulous feline has some other tricks up its sleeve too. For one, with its story beginning in Russia … Read more

Cruciate Disease in Dogs and Boogie the Rottweiler

Boogie and his mum Lulu shortly after luxating patella symptoms start showing

Boogie the Rottweiler is young, upbeat and simply loves camping and walks on the beach. But recently the young Auckland pup had a mysterious limp that came and went. Cruciate disease in dogs was found to be the culprit. Boogie had been limping on and off and at first it wasn’t clear why. She had … Read more

Why Do Cats Knead (Do They Like Fresh Bread)?

PD Insurance asks this cat 'why do cats knead?'

Why do cats knead? Did some cat once long ago belong to a baker and now all cats simply long for that smell of freshly kneaded dough leading to warm bread in the oven? This theory clearly has its faults (other than the fact we just made it up). For example, cats often extend their … Read more

Should You Worry About Ear and Skin Problems in Your French Bulldog?

brown french bulldog bowing

French Bulldogs in NZ are a popular breed – and it’s easy to see why. Those huge, pointy ears and adorable big eyes make them super cute to look at. But we can promise you those big ears are still selective in what they hear. The food bowl shaking from a kilometre away? Sure. You … Read more

PD Insurance’s Most Common Insurance Claims in 2021

boxer having paw bandaged - injuries are the third most common claims for pet insurance

If you’re a pet parent who’s considering insurance, you might’ve wondered what the top claims for pet insurance are. Maybe you’re trying to figure out whether it’s worth it, how much you might save, or whether dogs and cats are really as accident and illness prone as some owners say. In an effort to shed … Read more

Brachycephalic Breeds: Health Conditions in Flat Faced Dogs

french bulldog puppy is on the list of brachycephalic breeds

Is your adorable dog – or potential dog – on the list of brachycephalic breeds? If so, you’ve probably heard about brachycephalic airway syndrome. It’s common for ‘flat-faced’ dog and cat breeds to experience this condition. It makes it hard for them to breathe and that leads to all sorts of knock-on effects. Like for … Read more

Should I Get a Pet if I Work Full Time: Yay or Nay?

woman wonders 'should I get a cat if I work full time?'

Pets are a lot like people. You get those cats and dogs that want as much exclusive one-on-one time as possible, while others are a bit more aloof. And of course some breeds are super sporty (Border Collie dog) whereas others are more chill (Maltese dog). Basically, if you’re asking yourself should I get a … Read more

When Do Kittens Open Their Eyes?

This kitten won't go in the cat litter tray because it hasn't been cleaned and still has old poop in it.

Kittens are born with their eyes closed, just like their furry dog pals, but when do kittens open their eyes? We’ll answer this question and give you plenty of information you’ll need to know in the first few weeks of your kitten’s life. If your favourite furry companion has given birth to your first litter … Read more

International Women’s Day: Dogs Are Women’s Best Friend

This woman is celebrating International Women's Day with her best friend.

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate today’s auspicious occasion (8th of March), we’re celebrating why dogs truly are a woman’s best friend. Wondering how? With scientific data of course 😊 PD Insurance has compiled the findings of three independent studies. Each study focuses on a different aspect of the human-dog bond. From co-evolution to co-sleeping … Read more