Kind and Sweet Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Families

A beagle dog standing on grass with its tail up.

Curious about the kindest dog breeds out there? 🐾 Would dogs like a Beagle or Springer Spaniel top the list? While all dogs make wonderful pets, not every pooch is keen on hugs, hugs, and more hugs. And when it comes to kids, some breeds may be better suited than others. Let’s find out which … Read more

Pet Technology For The Modern Pet Parent

dog using laptop zoom call technology

Good, old-fashioned face-to-fur fun with your pet will never be beaten. But the evolution of everything AI and digital has given rise to pet apps and technology, presenting unique opportunities for improved pet parenting. A variety of everyday products and apps allow us to live more convenient (and connected!) lives, and why should it stop … Read more

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